055: Thinking Wavelength Part 1: How it works, where it came from, and how it can help you today

Ever wish you had more insight into how you think? Or how those around you think? Maybe you wish you better understood your partner, or your manager or one of your kids.

This week we kick off a fun mini series exploring one of the most beloved tools we use in the Paterson process: the Thinking Wavelength. Today we explore the history of the tool and hear how it works. If you’d like to follow along and apply the tool in your own life, listen in as you’ll get the chance to evaluate your own way of thinking and understand better how that informs your contribution and the contribution of those you intersect with on a regular basis.

The Thinking Wavelength tool has impacted thousands of individuals over the years. Often times when we facilitate this tool for a team or group of leaders, people’s eyes light up and there’s an audible “aha” in the room as this simple yet profound tool is so clarifying for individuals and teams. Everyone here at Paterson would tell you how we have each been deeply impacted by this tool and we are excited to share it with you today. Listen in to find out more!

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