054: David Kinnaman: Understanding Our Times

Today we are excited to share a conversation we had a few months ago with David Kinnaman. David is the President of Barna Group and author of the recently published bestselling book Faith for Exiles.

Barna Group is a leading market research and communications company serving leaders in a variety of industries, including churches, non-profits and businesses– from film studios to financial services firms. A lot of Barna Group’s work focuses on using social research to translate faith trends; and using quantitative and qualitative research to help leaders make better decisions, to better understand their customers, donors, and audiences.

So what patterns and trends should we pay attention to? How do we better understand our world today?

“We live in an age of disintermediation… Amazon is a great example of that. Everything in our society is going through a pretty significant re-plumbing and re-wiring,” comments David. “We must be good listeners and leaders; humble enough to admit there are more blind spots than we could know.”

Listen in to hear David’s thoughts on the mega trends impacting society today, on why no one predicted Brexit or Trump’s election, and how we should consider understanding our the world around us today.

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