053: Sam Donnelly: Leadership Lessons from the Military & Business

This week we enjoy a conversation with returning podcast guest Sam Donnelly. If you haven’t listened to our first conversation with Sam, you can scroll back to episode 29 and listen there. It’s one of our favorite episodes.

We love and appreciate the wisdom and depth Sam’s life experience brings. “If there is something not being done with excellence, it’s usually because I’m not saying ‘no’ enough,” comments Sam.

From the military to for-profit to non-profit, Sam has had the opportunity to lead and cultivate organizational culture in a variety of contexts. “Creating [organizational] culture is doable, stewarding it is hard work and changing it… that can be really difficult,” notes Sam. So how do we create, steward and change culture with poise, humility and effectiveness?

Listen in as we explore themes around leadership and culture as well as “addition by subtraction,” sacrifice and surrender.

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