052 The Paterson Way Part 3: Make the Vision Clear

“We can’t always predict the future but we do have a hand in creating it.” — Tom Paterson

Today we wrap up our mini-series on the Paterson Way by exploring the principle Make the Vision Clear.

“Make the Vision Clear is about helping ourselves and others see the possibility of the horizon; understanding that while we may not always reach it, it’s no less essential to set the path towards the horizon,” says David. Strong vision naturally stretches us, creating some tension and activating action. Of course, getting to clarity of vision can be complicated. When clarifying vision – be that for one’s self, or for an organization, it’s important to first get clear on our heart — the mission of what we’re about — to ensure that our vision is rooted in truth. We’re pursuing vision that is rooted in the truth of mission.

Furthermore, we know that casting vision comes with its own set of risks and dangers. If we are not careful, we can create a vision that is not rooted in truth; a vision that is, in reality, a delusion. So how do we create strong, compelling vision that feels challenging but not impossible; exciting but not too overwhelming; and most importantly, that’s rooted in the truth of reality?

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