051 The Paterson Way Part 2: Perspective Before Planning

Where am I in my journey? What is the landscape of the reality I’m facing today? Where are the cliffs I need to avoid and where are the places of rest and replenishment?

Today we continue with our mini series on the Paterson Way, exploring the principle of Perspective Before Planning. “In our western culture, we tend to focus on very speed driven solutions. However, speed based solutions run the risk of coming up with the right solution for the wrong problem, which is, ultimately, the wrong solution,” says David.

Proper perspective can unify and empower teams. Often times we know intuitively that when we are in a place of confusion, the invitation is to find a higher point. We intuitively know that we need to be able to ascend upwards so that we can actually see more clearly from a higher vantage point. But how do we begin the ascent?

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