050: The Paterson Way Part 1: the Truth Sets us Free

Tom Paterson was fond of saying “If we don’t find truth, the truth will find us; and when it does, it will bite us in the behind.” We are kicking off 2020 with a mini series on what we call the Paterson Way. The Paterson Way is a set of principles and a way of thinking that undergirds everything we do here at the Paterson Center, informing how we come alongside individuals and organizations, and embodying all that we have received from Tom. In today’s episode we explore the Principle: The Truth Sets Us Free.

Seeking and pursuing truth often involves risk. Truth calls us forth and calls us to a newer reality, but seeking truth – be that individually or as a team, regularly involves painful vulnerability and fear. So how do we learn to recognize those fears, set them kindly aside and not allow them to dictate the direction of our pursuit?

“We want to be men, women, teams and leaders who go after the pursuit of truth, not because we are on a witch hunt to try and bring about more fear and judgment but because if we do not know truth- both in our lives as individuals and within our teams and organizations, then we are by nature operating under delusion and falsehood,” comments David. “What we are going after is freedom. And truth is the doorway to that freedom.”

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