049: The Journey to Live Life’s Purpose Phase 5: Adapting and Renewing

With the end of 2019 just eleven days away, it’s a time of year where many of us are taking time to pause, reflect, and make plans for the new year. A common challenge I feel this time of year (and I imagine I am not alone in this) is considering what needs to change and what needs to stay the same as I contemplate living out my calling in the coming year.

Change happens. It could be a test, a challenge, a surprise, a vocational shift, a geographical shift, a relational movement; but change — be it internal or external — is a given. We have to develop a healthy relationship to change or it will control us.

The question is how do we respond, reorient and realign ourselves to keep our calling and purpose clear?

Today we are excited to talk about the fifth and final phase of the Journey to Live Life’s Purpose: Adapting and Renewing. As Tom Paterson wrote “Adaptation is the conscious management of fate.” Join us this episode as we consider how to consciously manage, adapt and renew in the face of a new year.

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