048: The Journey to Live Life’s Purpose Phase 4: Filtering and Focusing

“What am I supposed to say yes to? And what do I say no to?” I don’t know about you, but I know I struggle with this one.

Today David and Stephen discuss Phase 4 of the Journey to Live Life’s Purpose: Filtering and Focusing.

“The Phase of Filtering and Focusing is about facing distractions in light of a clarified purpose. It’s about accepting fuller ownership of your responsibility to chase after your calling,” says Stephen.

It’s easy to get stuck on the question “Is this the right thing to do? Or is it the wrong thing to do?” The Phase of Filtering and Focusing is where we move past that stuck point and start asking “What is the best thing to pursue?” This is where our posture shifts from being afraid of saying no to looking for the beautiful opportunities of where to say yes.

With the business of the holidays in full swing, today’s conversation is a refreshing invitation to recenter a little; getting clearer on our ‘yeses’ and giving ourselves gracious permission to kindly say ‘no’ where needed.

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