047: The Journey to Live Life’s Purpose Phase 3: Surrender & Owning

“Surrender is not giving up…Ownership always follows.”

Today’s subject might sound a little abrasive or strange. We get it. Oftentimes we associate surrender with giving up, quitting, and defeat. It’s rare to see surrender as a good thing. It’s even less common to think of it as something to embrace.

But what if surrender is actually the space where we face our fears and find new freedom?

In today’s episode, Stephen and David explore the hidden beauty of surrender — as a space of release; where we find greater liberation and freedom to be ourselves and to do the things that come most naturally.

In order to respond to the call of surrender and move towards a new reality, we are forced to come face-to-face with fear. Fear shows up when we chose to release things: fear of losing control, fear of failure…What does it mean to face the voices of fear and how do we do that in order to move into greater freedom?

Listen in for more!

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