046: The Journey to Live Life’s Purpose Phase 2: Search and Discovery

Have you ever had the sense that there was something more? It’s that sense that we need to taste something we haven’t before. We don’t know what and we don’t know why…we just feel more and more aware of the need to live into something we haven’t yet. It’s like a seed of curiosity growing inside of us asking “Why? What now? And what for?”

In today’s episode, Stephen and David are back together diving in to Part 2 of our mini-series on the Journey to Live Life’s Purpose. Today’s conversation centers around what we call the “Search and Discovery” Phase. If you haven’t done so yet, we encourage you to jump back and listen to Part 1 before diving in to today’s episode.

“If Awakening and Awareness is an encounter with something we hadn’t known about ourselves before, Searching and Discovery is about looking for the answer. It’s about exploring and asking: How do I find answers, grow, and leverage that growth?”, says Stephen.

Searching and Discovery produces movement. We begin to pursue people differently, seeking out mentors and people who are a little farther along the journey, regarding that thing that’s begun to awaken within us. But Search and Discovery mode also has inherent risk; we find answers and sometimes the answers can be scary. It can be turbulent and stressful if not navigated with wisdom, patience, and guidance.

How do you identify that season within your own life or the lives of others? And what can be done to navigate those questions well? Listen in as Stephen and David share some thoughts around this and also explore what this season has looked like for them personally.

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