043: Dick Foth: Finding Deep Friendships in a Shallow World

“Whether you are 9 or 96, we all deal with two things: relationships and money —and one of those will make you rich.” – Dick Foth

We are all busy. If you weren’t busy, you probably wouldn’t listen to podcasts as much. Research tells us that most people listen to podcasts while they are doing something else (driving, working out, making breakfast, etc…). Very few people just sit down to listen to a podcast and do nothing else. Living in an atmosphere of busy-ness and noise, it can be a real challenge to find depth and authentic connection in our relationships. How can we practice being present with those around us and then go a little deeper?

Today we have a special conversation with Dick Foth. We get to hear some of his fabulous storytelling while also gleaning some of the wisdom from the book Dick recently authored with his wife, Ruth. The book is called Known: Finding Deep Friendships in a Shallow World.

“When I hear your story, I learn where to love you,” comments Dick.

Dick Foth is an author, storyteller and speaker. He’s on the teaching teams of four different congregations around the country, including National Community Church pastored by Mark Batterson in Washington DC. You can read more about him or check out his book here.

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