041: Honor the Journey

Do you ever struggle to accept where you are at today? I know I do. It can be such a challenge to accept this moment — the here and now — in my journey. I’m always looking ahead, thinking to the future, and struggling to be ok with where I’m at today.

How do we learn to respect the contributions that we are making, and that others are making, in this continued process of becoming? How do we practice respecting and honoring our own stories?

Today, on the Paterson Podcast, we are talking about the value of Honoring the Journey. We explore what it looks like to honor our journey in both the highs and the lows of our paths. Most of life isn’t arriving; it’s journeying. Today’s conversation is an invitation to us all to consider how we can honor that reality more in our own lives and within the lives of those around us.

As author Jan Johnson would suggest “You cannot be anywhere that you are not. So start where you are, not where you are not.” We invite you to listen in, honor this moment in your own journey, and, if it feels right, please share it with a friend.

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