037: Courageous Engagement

“Courage is not looking or acting tough; it’s actually about being intimately acquainted with the dangers and risks that you are facing…it’s about a beautiful invitation to show up in the world.”

We are thrilled to be back with a new series of episodes on the Paterson Podcast.

In today’s episode we are joined by Paterson Guide Stephen Milburn for a conversation around Courageous Engagement — what it is, our relationship to it, the value of it, and how we might bring more of it into the world.

As we continue to celebrate Tom Paterson’s life and legacy, and set our future upon it, it feels so right to be having a conversation around Courage. This episode begins a 5-part series we are releasing on the topic of Core Values. Courageous Engagement is a core value of Paterson and our tribe of Guides. But more than that, we believe the invitation to courageous engagement is open to all of us, and we wanted to explore it together.

With the Paterson Podcast, we’re going to be launching new episodes each and every week — so don’t forget to subscribe to catch the latest. We know life is busy, so we’ve kept each episode to 30 minutes – that’s just 24 minutes if you listen on 1.25 speed 🙂

You can find the Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to Podcasts. Just search for “Paterson Podcast” or click the link below.

Special thanks to our editor and producer Mary Wade and thanks, as always, for listening. 

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