036: Digital Marketing: What We Pay Attention to and Why–an interview with John Jordan

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s easy to engage and produce content and yet still use our energy on the wrong things. It’s easy to miss the real conversations that might be happening with our customers.

“People often think that volume is best. With digital marketing we have such great data to understand our customers. We need to think of the web as this new, living laboratory where we can learn, methodically, about our customers rather than just casting a really large net and hoping to catch a few customers along the way.” — John Jordan

John Jordan is a digital marketing consultant who helps organizations grow their online sales and conversions to create raving fans. Prior to launching his own consulting firm, John was the Executive Director of Digital Marketing for the Global Leadership Summit. He is also a founder of the GLS Next App.

Yet John would be the first to tell you “Nobody is an expert in digital marketing. The industry is changing so rapidly.” It’s hard for everyone. Even if you think you’ve got it completely figured out, it will probably be totally different in a year.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do.

Digital marketing is less about the content we create or the platforms we use and more about — how do we actually use this to better understand the people we desire to serve —our customers— and how do we come along side them empathetically, with understanding?

Here’s a first step: “Consider a brand you love… whoever has convinced you to say yes. Or even when you are just on Instagram… just pay attention— Whose adds do you actually stick around to watch? Why? Be a student and spend a little bit more time putting yourself in that marketer’s shoes and asking yourself why did they choose to do that? What caught my attention?”

To learn more about how John intersected with the Paterson processes of LifePlan and StratOp, the importance of a strong value proposition, how social media is over-rated and how gravity works against digital marketing, click the link below to listen in.

Last, quick announcement: This is our last podcast episode for a while. We will be back in 2019 with more stories of impact. Thanks for listening and, as always, if this show brings you value, please help spread the word within your tribe.

Wishing all our listeners a lovely holiday season,

-David, Mary and the Paterson team.


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