034: Strategy in the Fight Against Human Trafficking with Jeremy Vallerand

Human trafficking is the second largest and the fastest growing criminal enterprise on the planet. It’s an industry estimated to be worth $150 billion dollars. “We are seeing criminal networks move away from selling drugs to sell humans. A drug you can only sell once. A human can be sold multiple times.” says Jeremy Vallerand.  

Jeremy serves as the President and CEO of Rescue: Freedom International. In 2012 Jeremy founded Rescue: Freedom and since then they and their global network of local partners have impacted the lives of more than 49,000 women and children across the world.

But how does all this connect to strategic planning and Paterson?

“The human trafficking industry is a rapidly growing interconnected global network making massive dollars,” comments Jeremy. “Criminal networks are working globally to exploit. They are interconnected— moving young women and young boys across borders. We need a global network to counter that.”

In other words…there is a huge need to be strategic in the fight against human trafficking. 

“We set out to scour the globe and identify the best local service providers who don’t have the tools, training, resources and the funding to sustain their work. We try to come alongside local partners and not just help make them be better at what they are doing but also connect them with others doing similar work. We are a network that can think globally…think strategically. We are a force to be reckoned with.”

For the last five years Rescue: Freedom has been using the StratOp Process and their strategic system as they work to fight human trafficking around the world. Listen in to hear more about the incredible work of Rescue: Freedom and how their strategy is essential in keeping them laser focused. 

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Rescue: Freedom International 

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