033: Taking the Leap: An interview with Wild Rock Founder & CEO Kristin Golliher

Sometimes we are the last to see something about ourselves. Kristin would say that was true of her. “I was in denial about being an entrepreneur,” she says. But as a kid Kristin always had her own businesses— a babysitting business, a pet sitting business and even a fort club. Decades later, it was no surprise to anyone that Kristin decided to launch her own business. 

Kristin Golliher is the founder & CEO of Wild Rock, a boutique public relations and marketing firm based in Colorado. Kristin went through the LifePlan process back in 2010, an experience which helped frame her entrepreneurial dream of launching Wild Rock. “Really what brought all of it to life was the LifePlanning process…it brought to the surface the fact that I had this entrepreneurial spirit and really needed to find a way to express that.” After dragging her feet for two years, Kristin was finally ready to take the leap and in February of 2012, on Leap Day to be exact, Kristin left her full time job to officially launch Wild Rock. 

At the time she was the breadwinner for her family with a husband, a baby and a mortgage to pay. “It was a crazy time,” says Kristin.  “It look a lot of faith to make the leap…it was scary and exciting.” But that’s how the best stories often are…right?

Listen in to hear more of Kristin’s story, her insights on common P.R. and marketing mistakes that companies make and her thoughts on building a team and leading a company.

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