032: Leadership & Emotional Intelligence- An interview with Gary Ewen

“Leadership” is a hot word these days. It seems like every week there is a new book about leadership on the New York Times Best Sellers list. “We have gotten to the place in the US where we are basically worshipping the idea of leadership….There are as many definitions of leadership as there are leaders. I like to keep my definition simple.” says Gary Ewen. “We manage things. We lead people. If choice is involved, even if it’s a horse making the choice, it needs to be led, not managed.”

Dr. Gary Ewen is Dean of the Business School at Colorado Christian University and a professor of Management and Leadership Studies. He’s also a StratOp & LifePlan Guide with us here at Paterson. We asked Gary what creates enduring value, impact and healthiness within a leader and their organization. His answer? Core values and emotional intelligence.

“Clarity on core values —both personally and organizationally— understanding who you are as a leader and understanding your organization and where you want to take that organization….it’s essential for healthy leaders.” comments Gary. “The other great strength of a really good leader is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence trumps everything; it’s far more important than IQ or other factors and it’s not about a high or low score, it’s about balance.”

But how do you develop or grow in awareness of emotional intelligence? Listen in to hear Gary’s wisdom on core values, emotional intelligence, leading in technology and why asking a great question is often more valuable than being the expert.

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