028:  The Value of Legacy: An Interview with Arlin Sorensen

 The Value of Legacy: An Interview with Arlin Sorensen

Arlin Sorensen is passionate about legacy.

“We are all going to have a legacy. We can have one that we design and implement or we can have one that the government will dictate for us because we didn’t do our job,” says Arlin. “Most people are so engrossed in day to day life they don’t slow down enough to really think about legacy and the impact they want to have. We challenge people to really stop and think about what it is they want to accomplish. Legacy is critical.”

A “farm boy from Iowa”, Arlin is the VP of Peer Groups at Connectwise, and the Founder of HTG Peer Groups (recently purchased by Connectwise). They serve clients around the world in the IT and technology space. One of the ways they serves clients is by guiding them through the LifePlan and StratOp processes.

“Everyone can benefit from doing strong strategic, operational and financial planning. Typically entrepreneurial businesses are led by folks that are really good at vision. They are good at seeing the future with lots of ideas but maybe not so disciplined in creating the structure and financial disciplines that allow a business to sustain successful and consistent financial growth,” comments Arlin. “StratOp allows our team to help paint a picture of what could be. Most entrepreneurs don’t know what’s possible because they haven’t taken the time to sit down and think about it. The Paterson StratOp process gives us a framework to lead companies through that discovery. It’s a system we can install that will help, over time, enable them achieve the goals they have.”

To hear more of Arlin’s thoughts on the importance of legacy and how the StratOp and LifePlan processes are key tools in Arlin’s work of guiding others to identify their legacies, click one of the links below.


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