026: Scaling Growth and Structure — A Conversation with Nature Nate’s COO Robert Turner

Scaling Growth and Structure –A Conversation with Nature Nate’s COO Robert Turner

Most leaders know that company growth can be good; but it can also be the thing that kills a company. Robert Turner and the team at Nature Nate’s, a raw and unfiltered honey company based in Dallas, TX., have seen explosive growth over the past few years and they are very familiar with the challenges that come with growing quickly.

“What I have learned,” comments Robert, “is that fast growth doesn’t happen accidentally. You actually have to have some sort of plan in place to handle explosive growth.”

Often the challenges of fast growth lead to structural issues as well. Fortunately Nature Nate’s connected to a Paterson StratOp Guide who helped guide them through this season. “Our first StratOp meeting was really a ground breaking, earth shattering sort of experience. Everyone in the room came together and agreed on what were the most important things we needed to accomplish and then we went out and did it,” says Robert. “Quickly we began to see that we were moving forward with what could have become structural problems for the organization but because of StratOp we were able to move forward and break through these barriers pretty quickly.”

To learn more about how Robert and the Nature Nate’s team managed explosive growth, structural issues and installing the StratOp process, click one of the links below.

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