025: Leading, Delegating, Hiring & Firing- A conversation with Mary Merritt, President & CEO of Nerdy Minds

Leading, Delegating, Hiring & Firing: A conversation with Mary Merritt, President & CEO of Nerdy Minds

It can be easy to tell the story of a business as a ‘peace time’ company where nothing ever goes wrong. But being real with the challenges — and learning from our mistakes— is actually where our greatest learnings come from… Mary Merritt understands this and, fortunately for us, isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Mary is the President & CEO of Nerdy Minds, a digital marketing agency based in northern Colorado. Having been through both the StratOp & LifePlan processes Mary has unique insights into both. “StratOp has been a huge part of the business ever since I started it. I knew the process was powerful and that it could pull teams together.” Mary says.

Mary’s raw and honest thoughts on starting a company, leadership, hiring and firing are filled with sincerity and humor and we think you’ll love learning from her journey.

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