023: Otter Products: A Story of Impact

Otter Products: A Story of Impact

Today we have a really special episode for you as we are joined by Stacey Pearson (Director of StratOp) , Jim Parke (President & CEO) and Betsy Wheeler (Chief People Officer ) of Otter Products.

If you ask any employee at Otter Products what the mission of Otter is, there is no doubt they will tell you: “We grow to give.” But what does that mean? “We grow in terms of who we are as people. We grow as a company- the number of employees we have and the economic impact we have in the community. But there’s a reason for all of that growth. We grow to give.” says Jim.

Otter was able to scale with phenomenal growth, and sustain that growth, because of their work with the StratOp Process “We went from $10M in 2006 to over a billion dollar company in ten years” says Stacey. “A lot of people ask why we use StratOp. We use StratOp because it works. The StratOp process absolutely works for us.”

To hear more about how the StratOp and LifePlan processes have helped Otter Products navigate change, align their team and increase employee engagement, click the link below.

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