021: The Gift of Slowing Down: An Interview with a Spiritual Director and Paterson Guide

The Gift of Slowing Down: An Interview with a Spiritual Director and Paterson Guide

In today’s world, we live full, fast, busy lives. It seems like there is no time or space for slowing down; it sounds important, but never actually makes it into the schedule. So how and why should we slow down in the midst of so much busyness and noise?

As a spiritual director and Paterson Guide, Stephen Milburn has thought a lot about the gift of slowing down and the art of spiritual disciplines.

“Slowing down…it doesn’t just take time, it takes attention. Spiritual disciplines can help us get there.” says Stephen. But what is a spiritual discipline? Stephen would tell you that disciplines are the spaces in life where we can allow ourselves to refocus and give attention to the things that matter. “If you talk to artists” comments Stephen, “they will talk about the installation — that is—  it’s the empty space that draws our focus to what matters. If we talk to authors, they refer to it as margin…it’s what gives you space to breathe. Spiritual disciplines can be something similar…A spiritual discipline is anything that fosters an improved relationship with God, self, others or creation. And you can be as creative with that as you want with that.”

As we enter the holiday season, we think you will feel nourished and encouraged by Stephen’s insights on how and why we should accept the gift of slowing down.

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