019: Building Homes & Launching Stories: The Work of Habitat for Humanity

If you ask Kristin Candella what big change the non-profit sector needs to make, she doesn’t hesitate with her answer. “We— the non-profit sector— we need to be more entrepreneurial. That’s the biggest change we can make.”

Kristin Candella is the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity chapter in Ft. Collins Colorado. “StratOp has been the most transformational thing we’ve done as an organization.” says Kristin. “What was so productive and informative about StratOp was that you had to invest a certain amount of time with the right people, and you had to be committed to the process. You had to stay open minded and listen to everyone. What I found fascinating was how the facilitator carefully guided you, in a kind of circular fashion, towards truth…What’s great about StratOp is that you get the right things down on paper so that they don’t just go away.”

Listen more to hear Kristin’s insights on and passion for Habitat for Humanity, leadership and the StratOp process. To listen to the show, click one of the links below. And, as always, remember that you play a big part in helping others find the show.

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