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016: On Restaurants, Restoration and Core Values

What do core values have to do with dinner? If you ask Jim Noble, he will probably answer “Everything!”

“People want to go to a place where they feel like they belong…just sitting around a table with people…it’s powerful—it’s restorative.” says Jim.

This week we hear from chef, restaurateur and philanthropist Jim Noble on the restorative power of food and the impact of the StratOp Process on Noble Food and Pursuits. Jim shares some of the big and surprising take-aways from the StratOp process—how the StratOp process shifted Noble Food & Pursuits’ target customer and helped the team plan for growth. Jim also dives into how knowing and instilling core values within his team plays a critical part in the culinary experience Noble Food & Pursuits creates for their patrons.

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Links from this episode:

Insanely Simple by Ken Segall

John Maxwell’s Books

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